Tick Bar

Tick Bar tick remover

Tick Bar is a simple, safe and solid instrument for easy and correct removal of ticks, mites and other parasites from the skin of human and animals. Tick Bar is designed according to the current recommendations on tick removal, minimising the agitation of the tick. With the Tick Bar you can't squeeze the tick, which reduces the risk of bacteria entering the body through the bite wound. Removing ticks with the Tick Bar also prevents the mouthparts from breaking and remaining in the skin, which reduces the risk of local inflammation. Tick bar is made of stainless steel and it lasts forever.

Based on latest research Tick Bar has a uniquely designed angled V shaped blade that avoids the need to squeeze, crush or puncture the body of the tick and avoids the need to use twisting or jerking movements to extract the tick. This minimises the risk of leaving parts of the tick into the host and the risk of the tick salivating or regurgitating potentially infectious fluids into the host.

Tick Bar tick remover:

  • Is safe and easy to use
  • Has no moving parts
  • Is robust and durable, made of stainless steel

Watch a presentation video of the Tick Bar from the SHOT show in Las Vegas, January 2011.

Purchasing a Tick Bar

Customers in the USA can buy a Tick Bar online at CSP Outdoors, Pet-Source.com or The Compass Store.

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